Sunday, October 30, 2011


Hey Mommy!!

This week was not really super exciting we did a lot of tracting and we found some good people...we found one lady that talked to the missionaries in the past and she asked what the difference between our church and the catholic church is and so of course i said AUTHORITY. We explained that without authority the church isn´t worth anything here on earth. She has been to church and also seen a baptism...we think hers will be very soon as well! :) I am glad you only cried a little bit! Dad said his talk went pretty i going to be too embarrassed to come home? is a great tool that the church is really trying to push into the world because it really gives people a way to know that we are NORMAL people! I started one in the MTC but didn´t finish it.

I am glad/nervous to come home in the summer....right off the bat i will get teased because i am INCREDIBLY white...also my golf game is going to be AWFUL! I will be shredded though...i can see a pretty big difference already. I also will have super white straight teeth!! :)
Are you and dad going to serve a mission here in a few years? I think you guys you can even just serve for 6 months...that is SUPER easy!!

It is super crazy that i only have 8 months...that is going to be super fast! I can´t believe how fast my mission has already past...i feel like yesterday i was in the mtc. It is crazy...before you know it i will be home stressing you out all over again ;)

Thanks for everything mommy!! Love you tons!!

Elder Bushnell

Hey daddio!!

It is super crazy how fast the mission has started to go! Everyday seems to go faster than the one before! haha did you say super embarrassing things about me in front of the ward? I hope the ward took it to heart and really understands that the world out here is getting worse every day...we are baptizing more and more but it is getting worse...we need to make sure we are in a very secure STRONGHOLD...that our families and testimonies will make it through WHEN satan starts beating down on is sad how many people don´t make it and end up with millions of dollars of family no friends...nothing in their is awful what Satan can make the world believe! We of course know who is going to win in the end but man oh man...the world right now is absolutely ridiculous!

We have interviews with Pres. Torgan tomorrow so we will see why he left me and carpenter together. I really know we can start seeing miracles everyday we just really need to look up in all situations and follow what God says to us with exactness...which isn´t always easy!  We haven´t been able to meet with that guy cause they have been moving houses and all sorts of crazy stuff...we have a lesson planned with him this week to tell him he needs to stop worrying about what dead people would have said and worry about HIS and HIS FAMILIES standing with GOD. :)

As far as the shoes i should be fine...if not i will buy a cheap pair of super awesome Portuguese shoes to wear with my sweet suit i want to buy when you guys come get me! :) Also i will send the letter this week with the picture card, i have been trying to fill it up  but i haven´t gotten it yet...oh well i will send it!

Thanks for everything!! Love you daddio!!

Elder Bushnell

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