Monday, October 10, 2011


I did get to watch conference and it was super awesome I absolutely loved it! We were able to watch all sessions of conference and it went by so fast! I was sad when it ended cause time is going so super fast! I really like Elder Hollands talk...i loved when he said "WE ARE AT WAR!!" it was super awesome to hear the power and sincere worry in his voice for all of us!

If i could tell anyone in the ward anything i would tell the youth...both young men and women the importance that they get their own the prophets say the world is getting really bad...i know its hard to see that there in happy valley, Orem, Ut. But it is 100 percent true and they need to be ready for when the world starts trying to sneak into happy valley. They really need to gain the spiritual strength for themselves RIGHT NOW. They cannot wait because then it really will be to late! The parents should do everything they can to push their kids to get their own testimony...they don´t need to push them to "do" everything the right way cause once they have the testimony for themselves they will have the desire to "come unto Christ" by doing the things He has asked of them!

Thanks for everything daddy!! Just think this time next year and i will be there to make all your hunting trips easier..and a little more expensive ;)

Love you!!

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