Sunday, March 11, 2012


Hey Mommy!!

This week was a little bit rough. We had a conference with President in coimbra which is a cool city but umm it went really well and we came home super stoked then i think Satan got super upset and kinda made our week rough. We had a lady named Maria José marked for Saturday but she got sick and wanted to wait until Monday (today) so we are going to try to get her baptized today but she might still be sick so we are going to have to see how she is feeling and stuff. We also had a rough time finding news this week. We had a district conference so it was at a hotel which basically no one knew where it was. It was a rough gig. We did get a ride to it in Filipe´s mini but i couldn´t ever drive one.

That is crazy that they are shortening the time in the MTC....weird. I think it is good though cause honestly i don´t think it needs to be so long cause most people don´t learn the language until they get in the field anyways. Good work on not crying I am super proud of you!! It scares me how little time I have. I always get super freaked out when thinking about it. i had to do some counting cause i am trying to decide how i can finish the BofM again and also read Preach my Gospel and Jesus The Christ but I realized I have just a little over 100 days....super scary. I have heard so many horror stories, they say the first day back isn´t bad but when you lay down and fall asleep the dreams are weird then when you wake up it hits you like a semi-truck and you realize its over and you can´t ever go back...that scares me! I hope Aaron gets things figured out and gets out here cause if I could I think I would take his place and serve again. Joe is going into the marines...that is weird...not air force? He will get it figured out I am pretty sure...we have an elder here who served a tour in Iraq before coming out here on his mission...he is super awesome.

Thanks for everything you do for me mommy! I am praying the surgery goes well and am excited to see you guys soon! I love you tons!!

Elder Bushnell


This week we don´t have any super awesome stories. We had a super cool meeting with the President in which he talked to us about a lot of things and we actually got the opportunity to teach him as our eternal investigator which was awesome. I don´t know if I have told you about this or not but every week when we do weekly planning we pray a lot to make sure we are doing God´s will and we pray for how many baptisms and WHO they are. So basically we know going into every week who is going to be our focus because we know God has given us that revelation and that He will always provide a way. So we did an example of when we feel a eternal investigator and the first run through was just talking about baptism and stuff but then president stops me and was like..."Elder Bushnell you are talking like Brother long as you have that tag on you can straight up tell your investigators you are a representative of Jesus Christ and that God the Father has sent you to that investigators house and that you know that God wants them to be baptized that weekend...then pray with them and they will feel the same thing and then they can´t deny that" It was super awesome the way he broke it down so simple. I am trying to be an example and do everything right but i think this last week Satan drew Santarém out of his hat. We will get him back this week though! :)

Thanks for everything dad!! i love you tons!!

Elder Bushnell

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