Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Hey mommy!!

This week went by super fast...i got to go to Lisbon on Wednesday to renue my visa for the last time...i now have a resident card for the next 2 years so i could extend...? jk mommy i know you would not be able to handle it. This week we had Filipe in church and he is still progressing really well towards being baptized this weekend. We need to organize with him a little better to see exactly when it will happen but it is very likely to happen on Sunday night. I was thinking about time and how crazy fast it is going.I was thinking and I will be 21 in like 75 days, I feel like I turned 20 yesterday. It is so crazy how fast it has gone by! Good to hear that you guys are doing some good exercises...when i get home maybe you can try to keep up with some AB ripper X....basically dad would end up with like Spartan status abs by the end. It is super crazy.

I am scared that when i get home i will get fat though...i got super fat when i had 6 months in the mission but now it is all gone again and i am afraid that when i get home i won´t be able to control myself and just swell up like a balloon.

Wow i can´t believe how close Hudson is to getting home...that will be super weird...i can´t believe how fast time has gone by...is his family stoked to see him?

Thanks for checking with UVU for me...it probably would be best to meet with an advisor to see exactly what i need and how is the best way to do it. Thanks for doing that for me mommy! I know that i shouldn´t take a semester off but it would be so awesome! It is like the only time when i really could just focus on being a goof ball before growing up but i guess that time doesn´t allow that...life is not fair then you die! As for the meeting girls part...i know it is possible to find them while hunting and shooting...and they probably would encourage me to do it...maybe even come with me...ask dad about when we went to parkview drive in after sighting in his muzzleloader and the girl asked for my number...i was wearing a super dirty white tshirt, gray camo shorts, and a green bandana tied around my head like rambo! ;) super funny memories!

Wow well super wierd thing happened...actually a few nights ago i had a dream i was walking down the road and a car drove by and honked and when we looked over it was Mckenzie Russell in the passenger seat and she just waved and kept going...it was super random cause i hadn´t even thought about her forever. that is a weird coincidence! Sounds like they are having some super crazy days ahead of them...those are the days i am NOT excited for..that just sounds super stressful...i don´t know how badly i want to come home and get married and have to deal with all that stuff. :( it is super scary.

I have kinda started a list but this week i am going to call Pres. to see if i can call down to some recent converts to kinda get things planed out. I found out that Carlos one of my RCs in Setubal baptized his neighbor last weekend and that he should be getting the Melq. preisthood this week!! I am super stoked about that! I want to visit Setúbal and Gaia for sure! I will have to see how it ends up here in Santarém..so far not my favorite.

They actually have a big Holiday Inn in Gaia...i know in the Algarve they have a Best Western in Faro...i can talk to some members as well and see what the deal is cause they know hotels better than me.

Thanks for everything Mommy!! I love you tons!!!

Elder Bushnell

p.s. is the picture on pg. 91 of the ensign Wade and Carter? I swear it looks a lot like them.

Hey daddio!

The interviews are always super awesome! Yeah i am working on being bolder but it is hard cause lots of people don´t respond super well to it so i am still trying to figure out the happy middle!

haha no i didn´t eat both packages of jerky...i still haven´t even opened the other one...i am like 1/2 way done with one...we don´t have a lot of time..even to eat i feel like.

Filipe is still doing well...he came to church yesterday and i think he liked it. we are going to talk to him tonight to teach tithing, follow the prophet, and finalize plans for baptism. It will be super awesome he is super cool! We are having struggling with getting people to church but they just split our branch so now for us in São Domingos we will be having sacrament last.  Thanks for praying for us...we really need it a lot of the time.

Oh yeah you had already told me that Tony is going to Taiwan. Isn´t that where alex johnson served? I hope they don't call me to teach mission prep...i want to be like assistant scout leader or something awesome....well maybe mission prep would be better...i don´t know.

As for coming to see me i will think this week really hard about where we want to go but the cool thing is that Portugal is so small you can see the whole place in just a few days! I want to visit Setúbal and Gaia i think for sure! I will think about it and let ya know next week!  There are no restrictions to seeing those i baptize...i think they encourage it actually.

Thanks for everything dad!!

Love you

Elder Bushnell

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