Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Hey Mommy!!

I am doing great!! This week was actually kinda a bummer...we met with this guy named Antônio who really needs to be baptized...but he has debt and can´t pay tithing. So we got it worked out where since he is retired and all he is going to just do service and stuff to count for his tithing. He really doesn't get any money it all goes to a solicitor who then pays his bills and gives this lady money to buy his groceries. But in the end he disappeared we don´t know what happened to him it was weird. He came to church and ran out like halfway through Sacrament Meeting and we couldn't find him the rest of the day and it was just weird. We will keep trying with him and see what we can do. As for Maria Jose she is going to get back on Tuesday and should be getting baptized on Saturday. The lady and her boyfriend were in Church for part of it, but they had to go to a funeral so they couldn't stay for all of it. We are teaching them Tuesday night. It is super weird cause Elder Lefevre is going home the same time as me so sometimes we get all trunked out cause we realize how fast it is going. But i guess trunky isn´t really the right word its more like scared.

I am glad the ankle is progressing well. It is amazing to think about the body and how God really made such a crazy masterpiece.To think about the ankle and how when it wasn't right some guy was able to use his hands to put it in place and it all heals up perfectly...miracle!

Wow I can´t believe how fast everyone is getting married. I thought for sure the twins were going  to make it till I got back and we would go on big group dates and stuff. It is super weird how crazy time is going. That is super awesome that the wedding went super well. Is Tiffany going to transfer up to UVU as well? My teeth are doing great....probably I have some cavities but it is going pretty well I am flossing a lot. By the way I could use some more of that floss for under my permanent retainer thing, normal floss here is not that great at getting underneath. 

I can´t believe that Rylie is 16 and that Nate bought an FJ Cruiser. They are kinda cool but they are like the hardest things ever to see out the back of. I went on a date with a girl that drove one and she couldn't back up worth beans and so I sat in the seat and maybe it was just hers but it was hard to see anything out the back they are cool looking though!

Good to hear Jordan is getting the house all ready for me to get i don´t have to do that stuff later!! :) I don´t remember why I punched the hole in the wall. But i wasn´t a happy camper for some reason...good thing we don´t live here cause all the houses are made of cement.

I am certain that the 19th is my release date. Dad can call whenever I promise he will probably end up talking to Elder Christiansen who was in the MTC with me and lived with me for the first transfer. If we come home on the the 26th or 27th that would be perfect especially cause the next Sunday is Fast and Testimony Meeting. So, I would get an extra week to get ready. The only bummer is I think that is Chris´s homecoming talk day as well but we will see. I am SO glad the work at Dad's office is picking up!

Thanks for everything mommy!! I love you tons!!
Elder Bushnell

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