Sunday, March 11, 2012


Hey mommy!!

This week was okay actually it seemed to go by super fast! We were not able to get her baptized because there is a crazy virus going around that is really bad and she caught it and had to stay in bed for a few days and had a crazy cough. She is going to go to Madeira this week so it looks like she will have to wait till next week. Satan is really good at what he does, but we will get her in the water eventually. we had a great church this week. It went really smooth and we had a new guy there who is the boyfriend of an inactive but she wants to come back and so brought him. She has taught him a lot and we are going to call today to set up an appointment with him. He seems to have a lot of potential, they just need to get married or stop living together for a little while....small details.

Sounds like your surgery was well needed, 6 weeks goes really quick mom that is only one transfer...basically only 2 of those left. Those knee scooters are super fun. I had a teacher in school that had one and we would always ride it around the halls and stuff...good times...not a good idea to try to go down a handicap ramp backwards with 2 people on! Good to hear you are already on the recovery and it sounds like you are doing great.

It is super scary how fast the time is going. I can´t believe how little time 3 months can feel like. The office elders know you are going to call so go ahead and do it, no matter what someone will speak English there. At least enough to put you on the phone with someone who is from Utah. :) oh I know I am getting super close but it looks like I might need some more socks...I am seeming to find more and more holes, that are bigger than I can seem to sew up. I have one sock that is almost all royal blue cause I don´t have any black thread and its not worth it cause you never see the blue parts as long as I have shoes on.

Also another thing, President Torgan decided to change the rule for emailing friends. I can email you the ones for my friends and they can reply through you...make sense? So for example I will send one to Maddie today that I will send to you with the subject line as Maddie McCann and you can forward it to her. Then she can reply to you and you forward it back to me...she might be able to just send it to me straightway i don't know. 

Love you mommy!
Elder Bushnell

Hey Daddio!

this week has gone really quick but nothing super exciting. We are trying really hard but kinda just spinning our tires. We will get rolling here in a little bit. We are trying super hard to do everything right So cool things happen. I am trying to be a lot more bold. I tried it through a door...a lady yelled "who is it" so i said "I am Elder Bushnell and I am a representative of Jesus Christ" and she didn´t really want anything and was just like "keep on working...go" it didn't work really well but ya just keep on trying.

Man 16 points...that is a long time but probably worth it yeah? What are our odds for drawing Boulder? What is the lasal area like? I heard some good stories from there but I don´t even know where that is or anything. That would be a fun hunt if we all drew out there in Boulder! I am still like 7-9 years from desert bighorn right? I am so super excited to shoot a sand hill that has been like my greatest wish since I was super little!! Did you eat yours yet? How much does it cost to have one mounted? :)

The baptism didn´t end up happening the lady got super sick and now is going to Madeira for a week or will have to wait till she gets back.  We will get here though! 

That is sad about Brother Neilson. it really is kinda awful how many young dads have passed away in the last little bit in our ward!

Thanks for everything you do for me dad!  I love you tons!!
Elder Bushnell

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