Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Hey mommy dear!!

I am doing just great!! I have been super lucky and haven't gotten sick on my mission. I jammed my finger super hard today on bumper cars...we had an awesome pday today!! We went to this fair cause today is a holiday so we had to wait to do internet until we got to Filipes house...on his super awesome super computer. But the fair was super awesome we rode the craziest bumper cars i have ever seen...they were fast and hit with so much force..not little kid ones. Also they had this thing called a "Garraiada" which means "Steer fight" So what they do is they poke a small bull with a large sharp stick to make it mad then they release it into a pen that is about 40 yards wide and 80 yards long and people just jump in and run up and slap it then run like mad to jump on the fence...we watched a couple guys get drilled it was super cool.YES! I did slap a bull...no I did not get gored and yes it was the most terrifying thing i have ever done in my entire life. ;) 

This week went pretty good...we didn´t find a lot of people but Joaquim is progressing really well...he made a huge effort and while out of town went to church and really liked it. Also today we talked to a girl from Romania who is really awesome...she speaks English and Portuguese really well it is super awesome...we have some other people but it gets kinda hard because they work a lot cause everyone has to work 2 jobs to make money sufficient to pay the bills and stuff. we have found that lots of people are losing their job so it should be getting easier.

Transfers are next week and it is super scary that i will probably for sure leave and that really it will most likely be my very last area. Also something super crazy is that Chris sent me an email that he met a guy who moved up to England a few weeks ago and it turns out he is from here in Santarem and his mom is the funniest crazyiest old lady. I will for sure get a picture of her I like her a lot. But what a small world!!

Elder De Hoyos is super awesome...did he speak English very well? President really likes to meet the parents and as we are the last group to leave under president Torgan he really likes us and i am sure he will want to get to meet you guys. I don´t have my passport cause we give them to the office elders when we get here but yeah i promise its not lost! As far as the flight plans that sounds great...i kinda am starting to think more about what i want to visit...i think i want to visit a giant fair on Monday in a city called Espinho which is in my area in Gaia...it is super awesome...they sell everything you can think of for super cheap! I just don´t know how to do that when I want to go to church in Setubal on Sunday...i guess we can go from Setubal to Gaia Sunday afternoon/night. 

Sounds like we need to put you on that scooter when we go to the mall...so i don´t have to get behind you and put blinders up and push you through the store.  wow i don´t think i want to talk about how old i am it is super depressing!!
Love you mom!!

Elder Bushnell

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