Sunday, July 3, 2011


This week was super crazy!! It has calmed way down now that Elder Bauman knows what is going on and where he is and stuff. We had Ailton marked for Sunday but he didn´t come to church. Actually this week was stake conference so we got to hear from Pres. Torgan and from Elder Teixeira (70) and Elder Boom? (70) I don´t know how to spell his name but they all gave great talks. We had a bus leave our church at 8:45 and none of our investigators were able to wake up or was super lame. We had no one investigators but we had our recent converts. It was a supoer great conference! We have found some other people that we need to pass again to see if they have been keeping our commitments we left. We will see! A few seem to have a lot of potential
That is awesome that Shane got married. Wow the Kellems are going to Kenya? That is super long are they serving? I heard the church changed the policy and now they can choose to serve how long they want?
I am super happy for Jackson and Talia.

I feel like the first year went really quick...everyone says now that I can handle Portuguese time goes even faster!
Haha Ellie is a goofball!! The world is changing sooo fast...when i have kids i will tell them i lived before the iphone and they will think of me the same way i think of you and dad....older than dirt! ;) tell Ellie i miss her and love her too!
Love you mommy!!!
Elder Bushnell
p.s. i still haven´t seen the package...i don´t know what happened to it!

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