Sunday, July 3, 2011


Hey from hot and sunny PORTUGAL!!
It was like 104 yesterday here and it was also like 100 percent humidity...super duper hot! This last week was a battle and unfortunately we were unable to win..the irmas had 3 baptisms though. I got to perform 1 for a little girl that is 8...she is the sister of a young man in the ward and he isn´t old enough to baptize her yet. But the mom was there and she loved it...she cried through it all and she will try to do everything she can to get baptized. She wants her son to baptize her! But we are talking to a girl named Deborah who should be baptized here soon. She is progressing really well. We just need to talk to her parents and get permission to baptize her. But they are cool so it should be good. She is 16 and lived in England for 4 years so she speaks English really well.
Ailton was at his dads this weekend so he wasn´t able to come to church.
Haha some members have ipads here and they all have cool cases with keyboards on them...they all use them during sacrament meeting...its a great distraction!
Sounds like the Halm´s have had a super crazy weekend! That is weird that Jackson and Talia are sealed now. Its weird how fast life changes. I am sure they can make it just fine as long as they keep doing what the gospel teaches. Wow that sounds like an intense job he has...i thought he was working at the paint store...but cool. haha i am sure dad wasn´t any too mad you were going to be gone for so long...he and Ned are probably goofing off while you are gone!
I did get the package and the shirt seems to work just great...its kinda long but that just means it will never come untucked. also i will have funnier sleeve tan lines cause the sleeves go all the way to my elbow but the collar seems to be about right. You can go ahead and send the other was just late because of the holidays...this time of the year is called "santos populares" or in English i think that is like famous saints...and they have TONS of holidays celebrating like every saint that ever is super catholic and weird.
I will send the memory card with pictures that I have. It's not really filled up but i do need to send some home to you guys! We are like in the middle of transfers so i don´t know exactly when it is that we will have transfers...the last ones were the 6th of June so 6 weeks after that...whenever that is. Pres. Torgan takes over the other mission on the yeah in a few days.They are going to have a 9 week transfer then be transferred with us on the next I probably am going up north somewhere. Thanks a bunch for all the prayers mom!! I know you pray for me a lot!
Love you!!
Elder Bushnell
p.s. Something super funny...there is a new elder in my mission named Elder Quilter...he is from Orem, but closer to Lindon....he knows and hung out with Brittany and Tiffany...i guess they met at some hike or something? Then he was going to Dixie when they were down there as well...weird huh!!!? Super small world.

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