Monday, July 18, 2011

7.18.11 Mom's Letter

Hey Mommy!!

This week was pretty good. It was rough because I knew it was going to be my last transfer here in Setubal. I think I want to go to church here when you come pick me up! It is a great ward and the recent converts are doing great!! That is exciting that Matt is back and that everything is going to be the same...I doubt it will all be the exact same. I talked to Chris and he was saying how he can understand the crazy accents and stuff but hasn´t really been picking it up very much. I don´t think i have an accent but I do forget a lot of Engish words and speak kinda a funny English/Portuguese mix. It will be funny when I get home! haah Yesterday I was talking to my comp in English and I conjugated the English verbs into Portuguese without thinking....i was saying how the kids probably think we ``speakamos`` funny. It was great.

I got a email from bishop and it sounded like Youth Conference was super great! I haven´t ever been to the cemetery and i think it would be cool. I have the Joseph Smith movie on my jump drive to watch on PDAYS it is a super good one! That sounds super awesome! The mission feels like a break from life so when people ask how old I am i always have to think for a long time about it to respond and sometimes when people say oh i am 18 i always think...neat so am i....wait no i am not....silly me.

I read that talk just last week it comes from the talk in the ensign!! It is a really good talk!

Oh so cool think....i didn´t tell you...i am getting TRANSFERED to Vila Nova de Gaia i is still not confirmed but that is the strong rumor. My comp will stay and the irmas will be pink is going to the north the other to the açores. Crazy stuff!!

Thanks for everything mommy!!! I will do some pushups but i want good bands cause i think i might start P90X...look it up on google if you want to know more about it!! :)

Love you mommy!!

Elder Bushnell

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