Monday, July 18, 2011

7.18.11 Dad's letter

Hey daddio!!

We are teaching some awesome families this week from Cape Verde in Africa...the 3 kids came to church it was super awesome! umm other quotes from president one thing he said that was super weird to me was when he said "it is 100 times harder for a person to accept the gospel in the next life than in this life" i guess he was quoting that from Joseph Fielding Smith. We get a lot of members who say they are scared or don´t think their family members will accept here so they will wait till they die and baptize them after. President destroyed them with that quote.

It is super crazy how fast time is going...i will be going to Gaia which is was up north and i don´t know anything about it! I just know its cool looking. I already feel like i am getting near the end of my mission! it is super crazy fast!

As for Tyler, August 17 is super soon man! wow he is going to be will be shock going into the mtc then from the mtc to the field, but he just has gotta hang on tight!

This next week will be funny of adventures i feel like! I am excited but kinda nervous!

Love you!
Elder Bushnell

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