Friday, July 8, 2011



It is still pretty hot but its funny hear cause its hot one day and rains the is still hot but like yesterday wasn´t sunny...just hot and overcast and humid. Its weird. Have they made those fireworks legal just for this year or forever now? That is super cool that they are legal now!! haha i am sorta jealous...of course the year i am gone they become legal. Next year i will be home though its all good!

That is cool that you guys are going out to Vernon Reservoir is there a reason you picked there? Where does your elk area include? I was talking to Sister Morrisons brother yesterday cause she ended her mission so part of her family came and he is a big hunter and he was telling me he did some elk hunting in utah and shot a fairly good sized 5x5 with his bow. It was nice to talk to someone else who really understands the hunting really is like its own language...i was talking to him and he was saying how he wants to shoot antelope but doesn´t have any idea how to hunt them...he has tried with a blind on water and has tried with the decoy walking up and everything...even with a rifle he can´t seem to get close enough to a big enough one to shoot. It made me laugh...then i told him about the last one i shot...15.5 inches and he was like "How the crap did you get even within 300 yards of one that big" I guess he has seen some big ones but they are always running a million miles and hour from a million miles away. He said he hunted more up north western wyoming.

Ailton is still with his dad...he gets back today or tomorrow. Debora´s dad has started being a problem but he will come to church next sunday to see if it is something he really wants his daughter to be doing.

Will you send a new cool journal with the next package if it fits? Mine is almost full.

Was yesterday fast Sunday for you? That is a super cool story!! I like hearing cool stories like that! I have heard a few like that. District meeting was super easy....we have a checklist we got from president so every companionship fills it out and gives them to me so then we just talk about how to improve some of the lower numbers on the lists. Then we normal get training from president that i have to share...then we make goals and it ends..not anything super hard. The missions are now offically combined...President Torgan in is the North right now giving trainings and getting everything prepared for transfers...which are on the 18th. i think.

That is super cool about Kyle and Victor. I hope Aaron gets his butt in gear and goes...he still has some time but he better do would change him so much! It is weird that Matt finished this week...does that make me second on the list to come home? That is weird!!!!!! I am not exited at all to have to give another talk in English...i wish it could be in English is getting super bad while i am out here.

I am feeling pretty good...its getting hot and i am starting to get some chaffing, heat rash stuff. I also have a cough that won´t go away but i am feeling good other that that! I am eating really well! We have been eating with lots of members recently! My comp and I get along great i believe...he hasn´t made me want to punch him and he hasn´t punched me yet..except when we see yellow cars...or smart cars. It is a game we play.

Thanks for everything !! Love you!

Elder Bushnell

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