Monday, January 9, 2012


Dear Mommy, 

It is super crazy that I only have FIVE more to go.I am here with Elder Tanner and he goes home 6 weeks before me and we get talking about how long we have been in the mission and how crazy fast it has just feels like a few weeks for us but we know for you guys it felt like a really long is super weird!

Yeah i can´t believe how much negative stuff we have heard about here in Portugal but ya know we are fulfilling the prophecy that Portugal would be the lighthouse to Europe and it is happening all other missions are starting to get this fire that we have and starting to get things in gear and getting going. I just hope and pray my last 5.5 months can be the strongest of my mission and that I can really step it up and as they say "bring it home!" :) Speaking of bringing stuff home, I just stopped in a store because twice a year they have HUGE sales, like 50% off everything, so I am thinking hard and praying about this super awesome kinda greenish suit. It is like 90 dollars, it is 50% off and super sick but i don´t know if i really want to buy a suit now or is a tight cut but not like the super crazy European cut suit, I don´t know. It is probably the best quality suit for the cheapest price i have ever seen in my life though.

The parties have slowed down and now we are getting rolling...we fought this week with an older guy about having him get baptized but he basically has issues with tithing and isn´t really sure he wants to do to. We are going to talk to him again on Tuesday so we will leave things really clear and let him make a decision with lots of prayer. The meat factory workers still haven´t come to church but they are doing okay. They like talking to us and agreed that when they know its true they will be baptized, now we just need to make them realize they NEED to know it is true so they will seek the answer.  Probably the craziest thing ever was that this week the other elders called to see if we could run by the Font and see if it was we said yes and went to the chapel well when we went downstairs to the font we stepping in a couple of inches of water...they flooded the we spent a few hours mopping and bailing it out. It was really funny. My comp and I are getting along really well. So far we haven´t had any issues. WE are getting used to each other and getting everything figured out and i am sure that this transfer will be a lot of fun.

Haha I bet dad was super embarrassed about having to old your purse while you loaded the rock salt...i remember i used to kinda like loading the rock salt...i would always cheat and use the 4 wheeler to take it around back and in! I am sorry your ankle is messed up still. If you get surgery how long would you be down?  I will pray for Amber and Jordan so they get into the LDS social services thing...are they both working or what is Jordan doing  now?

Thanks for being so great to me mommy!! I love you! i am close to needing some more pills. They are still working really well also i am pretty sure that just doing lots of pullups has kinda created rougher hands that aren´t as sweaty. haha i am excited for the jerky.

Thanks for everything mommy!! I love you tons! Have a great week!!
 Elder Bushnell

Hey Daddio!

Elder Searle is great we are getting along good! We do have some things in common and we are always talking about who knows what...probably just me I think my motor mouth has gotten worse in the mission. We are working hard though! I am getting a little fatter but still doing some crazy ab workouts...also lots of push ups and pull ups. I don´t think I am still growing I think I stopped right about 6´1" has been a really long time since i have measured myself.

Okay so i will have like a month when i get home to figure out all that stuff with the Elk hunt. I am super excited...I have always thought Elk were kinda weird cause we had never really hunted them....when we went i had to sit on the hill with Grandpa Darrell and watch you and Kevin book it across the mountain just to see them all take off before you even got close. Of course Gramps gave me candy bars from his pocket though so it wasn´t too bad I guess!

Wow that is super crazy you went golfing already! I thought you were going to take a while to get back out there! How are my clubs doing? Is my driver still BRAND NEW like when i left on my mission? That was such a cool deal getting that new one. :) How was number 13 for you? 10 is a little left turn and over the marsh right...then 11 you can aim way left and be good also it is a pretty short hole usually...12 is par 3 then 13 is the par 5 that starts out over the lake right with the sand trap in from the the mound in front of the green?

Thanks for everything you have given me dad! Thanks for the love and support you show me! I love you tons!

Elder Bushnell

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