Thursday, January 19, 2012


Hey mommy dear!!!

I am doing just great! This week was super cool! We had a super awesome meeting this Sunday cause President Torgan came and spoke and just full on laid it down about how if members aren´t doing missionary work they aren´t helping the work progress in some way everyday they aren´t celestial go to the terestrial you don´t need to do anything. Don´t even go to church cause it won´t help if you just want to go there.The telestial is for those who start doing bad so the only way to go to the celestial is to DO good everyday. He talked about a hospital and how every time you take a kid tot he hospital you expect the doctor to see what is wrong maybe do some tests and stuff...and not just have him sit in a chair and then give him some random pill and send him home...God is the same way...He sends His children to the hospital (church) and expects the people there to receive him in a very nice way and to take care of him and help him get better and leave a different person. So if the members aren+t doing that they are failing at life and they need to step it up or they are only going to the terestrial kingdom. it was a very needed talk here in our branch and it was super awesome!! We had a new investigator there named Filipe he is has as super bad studder and is hard to understand sometimes but way cool and progressing really well...he was very nicely welcomed and everything.

Elder Searle is super cool. also Elder Washburn from Springville is in this house and he is super funny...he was kinda a punk before the mission and i would not have liked him but one thing is we all get put on the same level. I haven´t gotten the package yet but i am thinking it will come tomorrow or during this week...maybe came today i still haven´t gotten to check yet...cause sometimes they go to the owner of the house who has a café underneath our house.

haha so about the cleaning out the storage room yeah i am sorta we have a pull up bar in there? i want to maybe turn it into an area where i can work out...where i can do the P90X stuff. Oh another question when does UVU semester start?

Wow sounds like you do have some super exciting times coming up at work! I am glad that missionary work is kinda always the same...obviously it is super crazy but like everyday has the same schedule and about the same amount of stress...the purpose of every day is the same...i don´t have to worry about getting different things done on different is always the same goal for the investigators and marking people for baptism! 

I have been thinking about you coming to get me and i still haven´t decided...i think it is a decision that has a lot to do with $. I think i would like you to come get me but also i don´t want that to be a financial burden. I think it is more up to you guys! Part of me wants to come home and get released and become normal again then come back for the temple but it might take like 5 i don´t know.

Thanks for everything mommy!! I love you tons!!

Elder Bushnell

p.s. i ended up buying a super sweet greenish can count as a Christmas thing if ya want :)

Hey Daddio!!
How is the weather down there in SG? I like that course, but i like the back way better than the front! Wow good work with the golf game. I am not going be able to golf at all when i get home.But i am getting ripped i do a lot of stomach exercises! I will have a lot more goose behind my drives! Haha funny..that driver was MY present...also i believe i still have a picture of a wedge to turn into you guys to get the real one. ;)
I bet a bike ride would be super good for you cause it stretches lots of things without killing the abs area really.
Elder Searle and i are getting along great! We are starting to get things picked up in this area we had a cool investigator at church this week...along with Pres. Torgan...who laid it down on our members for not being very helpful! But it was super good this week. We are looking towards a super big change here in São Domingos...about time!! :)
So quick question if i want to go on the Muzzle loader Elk hunt, is that any bull or spike only? How do we do that? Is it just over the counter first come first serve or do i need to put in and everything?
So is there any more exciting news from the ward? Who are the next kids to go out on missions? Are you still the old fart leader...sorry high priest group leader? ;) How are the home teaching numbers? Also how are all our HT families doing?
Thanks for everything daddio!! I love you tons!!

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