Monday, January 2, 2012


Olá Mãe!! (Hi mom) ;)

Está semana fui incrível nós conseguimos ter duas pessoas na igreja e elas são bué fixes...This week was incredible we were able to get 2 people to church that are super cool. Cristina (christina) is the mom and she works as a professor of handicap kids. Her daughter Maria is 14 and is in that super hard stage...but they came to church and really liked it. Cristina told a sister in the ward that she was going to come next week...yes on christmas! We are pretty happy about that. This week was a lot of work. We found 8 new investigators...they don´t seem as promising as the ones last week but it is hard to tell this early!

It is crazy to think that today...the 19th is my 6 month left in the mission mark...i think i will actually end my mission on the 19th because of transfers. I can´t believe how fast it has gone. Also i can´t believe it is Christmas time!! Luckily, this year all the decorations and stuff are in the other elders area so i haven´t been getting really trunky. Also i am super excited to talk to you all next week! I sent you that short email about telling me when is best on Sunday as soon as you can so we can work it out with the members!

Good to hear that dad is getting better. Has he been looking at new TV´s? They have some RIDICULOUS ones here...i think the coolest are the big LED smart tv things...super cool...but i just see them when we walk in to do our grocery i don´t know what they are really or how big of a price tag...i bet it is big. Anyways, sounds like you got a pretty sweet car. Are you liking it? Yeah i remember Bruce he came antelope hunting with us and stuff. He is a cool guy.

I did get the package...i got it today actually....i am super confused about why some have numbers and some don´t but i guess i will see on Christmas. I haven´t got the wards package yet...i think if they sent it to the mission office i won´t get it until a while after Christmas because we only get them at  conferences which are once a our Christmas party last week was for this month...we will see. I got a cool letter from Lisa Love though...she is like traveling the world playing her with some crazy big orchestra at BYU and stuff...super awesome.

Wow no one told me Wade was getting a new job...what is he going to do there? That sounds like a cool place to work! It is all good i was planning on going to UVU for the fall semester anyways cause i know some of my credits won´t transfer over so this way i can transfer all of it over...if i even end up wanting to go to BYU we will see.

I got the password and everything for Skype so i just need to know what time is your church and stuff so i can plan it with the members. I am super excited! I am sure that you guys probably will think i look fat or something...i did cut my hair during this myself again. This time not as short as the other time. ;)

Thanks for everything and I love you TONS!!!

Elder Bushnell
Hey daddio,

Well this week was pretty good...started with that mission christmas party and then it just went nice and smooth the rest of the week. We found like 8 and had 2 super cool people in church that should be baptized here in a little bit. We went back to the magic house a couple of times this week just to see how everyone was doing but she mom had to work from 4 to midnight this week in a vegetable factory so she couldn´t meet with us. We have a couple other families that weren´t able to come to chruch but are still progressing.

It good to hear that you are getting better...slowly but surely. haha dry council....i think that the elders quorom here in like dry council for you....except here there are only 13 guys and 5 are over 65 and they all have to talk at the same time..we don´t learn very is great. i basically just read the lesson during class...i am learning lots. I am sorry you are still not feeling great. Mom said the TV is still working great. ;)

Mom told me about the car...which version of the Escape did you get? Aren´t there like a bunch of submodel things...i don´t know what those are called anymore..but when i looked there were like the different engine sizes and other litte feature things.

We do have a place to skype from i think we were thinking about doing it at 1 your time...but that might be right in the middle of church for you so we need to know when will be best for you guys. When does Your church start?

Wow i can´t believe all these guys are getting i can´t believe that really from today i have 6 months till the end of my mission. I was thinking about it and you and mom can go to Spain then come over and get me and we can fly home cause the Church will pay for my ticket home. I can´t believe Aaron is being such a stick in the mud with the mission thing...he is for sure making the worst choice of his life. I thought in the MTC coming on a mission was bad cause i would lose girlfriends, work, school, truck, all those things....well that was the biggest lie Satan has tried to put into my head...i have lost a lot of that stuff but what i have gained is worth a lot more than those things ever would have been. I heard a great example of our spiritual life the other day. Remember when i was a kid i used to love to try to go up the downwards going escalator? Well that is like all of us in our spiritual life. We are all going up the downwards moving escalator...what happens if we stop to take a break? We go down to the bottom...but what happens if we give all we can and don´t stop...we can make it to the top!! I really liked this analogy of our life.

Right now the sun is shining and i am just wearing a little sweater over a short sleeve shirt. I haven´t worn my big coat gets kinda cold at night but normally that is when we have lessons so we are not on the road.

I didn´t have a party on the 16th but i am going to eat a huge hamburger and fries and an ice cream today cause it is 6 months left in the mission!!

Thanks for everything you do for me!! Get feeling better!! Love you tons!

Elder Bushnell

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