Monday, January 2, 2012


Hey Mommy!!

I am doing great! I did have a pretty good night. After we talked to you we went to visit a lady named Maria José who has known the church for 11 years...we think she gives lots of really stupid excused and has a problem with a member in the branch. We pass by every once and i while to see how she is doing and to see if she has had any big changes in her life that will make her need the gospel more. She gave us cake and fried things...basically at Christmas everyone eats things that are fried...crepe things that are fried and rolled in sugar and like doughnut holes...i am feeling like i have eaten more sugar this Christmas than in the first year and a half of my mission combined. Other than that the rest of the night was pretty chill...we tried passing some other people that weren´t home...we talked to a member on the street for like 30 minutes....he wasn´t at church so we had to give him some crap about that. Then we came home and planned for today and ate more sugary faty junk and i ate soup cause i felt like i hadn´t eaten anything healthy all day...i did eat breakfast and a yummy meatloaf thingy for lunch so don´t be worrying.

I found out that the old mission president in the north went to Angola and not Moçambique but Zach will probably be in a district in the mtc with elders coming to Portugal. I am super stoked for him. Did he take spanish?

haha sounds like you guys did have a pretty good Christmas....our church started 20 minutes late and ended about 20 minutes after the hour. It was a really long time with that super funny old lady speaking. The people in the back row pointing to their watches to tell her to stop talking..oh man super funny times. But 50 minutes is nice. When you say i was still a pretty big crowd you mean a lot more that 55 right? cause that is what we had here....pretty normal here in Portugal is between 50-80...except Setúbal with 160ish. haha yeah sounds like you guys need a break hopefully this week is relaxing for you! Speaking of Parker and that side of the family I was telling Elder Hansen the other day about Marlies Woodhead. You could find out if she is married...just an idea if ya get bored ya know. ;)

Oh also i don´t know if i have any contacts there at the house...i am wearing a pair and have one pair in my bags...probably i will only need like 1 or 2 other pairs so i don´t want to make you order a bunch of them cause i will need an eye check when i get home and it may be different but maybe if i left some there or something you could send them. If not i am probably fine and will make it just great with these...i just changed them...and i can wear my glasses a little more often.

Thanks for everything mommy!! I love you tons!!!

Elder Bushnell

Hey Daddio!!

It was great to talk to you guys yesterday! I really liked it alot! I didn´t get too home sick. I am sorry you still hurt a lot. it kinda is crappy that you can´t really stretch or do anything to move the things around! Just keep pushing on i am sure you will get it figured out!

We have some good investigators they are progressing but Christms time is really hard because they are always doing a million things and don´t have time to talk to us really. We are struggling getting the people to start the steps to make their lives better..especially during Christmas time because they don´t have any issues...the whole family is together so all is well and we don´t need to listen to you 2 little boys. I think that Cristina and Maria are the closest but that they also are having a hard time seeing how it is important to them...they think it is kinda just a belief that is interesting but may or may not apply to them.

I am going to agree with you both...moms car is sweet...and she is spoiled! The sync thing is super cool...some of the taxis here have it and it is super cool. One guy was like teaching me how it works and like called his daughter just to show me how cool it was.

Carter is a cute little guy. he is super big...when i left he was still like unable to crawl very well. I will be home for the next one which will be super awesome! If i am able to do as the prophets have said i would be married...or engaged....or close. We will see though...that is a scary thought!

Thanks for all the love and support you guys give me! I know you are all supporting me in this adventure and that is a great blessing! I love you tons!!

Elder Bushnell

p.s. what are your thoughts/ideas about coming to pick me up or not?

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