Monday, November 15, 2010

November 15, 2010


My week has been super good...hard but good! My companion says that I speak Portuguese good but that I have issues with conjugation...which I know is true! I don´t like how they talk in the past tenses!! He is from Coimbra which is between Lisbon and Porto. He is a convert of like 5ish years. We are still in Loulé but we work 2-3 days in Albufeira which is like a 40 minute bus ride.

My comp is now like 7 weeks old in the mission. So he has one transfer behind him. We are working like crazy...I won´t let him slack off. The branch in Albufeira still doesn't exist...we have to find a place to meet for church but President is nervous that if we split Loulé the branch in Loulé will struggle with Priesthood we have to work in Loulé and in Albufeira until we get a stronger branch in Loulé. We have a sweet house that the contract was all finalized we are just waiting on presidents "ok" to move down there...but we don't really know very much for sure cause we are just the little grunts. If we get the OK to move down there it would just be Elder Figueiredo and I that would move into the new house, the other would take over our work in Loulé and we would move. There isn't much happening in Albufeira as far as the branch opening...we have interviews on Friday and I will ask president more about it.

Since I am now sorta staying but technically was transfered I will continue to teach him and work with him. He came to church yesterday...he forgot but we went and got him for sacrament cause we have sacrament last he came and he is coming to family night on Wednesday...we have a meeting tomorrow in which we will explain the interview questions and we also will talk about the actual baptism service and he should be baptized on the 21st!!

The other elders in our apartment are pretty cool. One is Elder Bauman who is new here and he is from some little town like 40 minutes west of Boise..I think...he is super cool he hunts and golfs also. The other elder is Elder Walker and he is pretty cool also...he is from Springville and he only has like 6 months left on his mission. They are both fun!

Wow! it sounds like lots of crazy things have been happening...One thing about here is we don´t get snow but my comp said it can get as cold as like 17 degrees here...i don´t know if he means up north or where but that is what he said! 17 with no snow is depressing!

I am taking my pills and they are still working amazing! As for my face I think its doing really well!! I will try to take more pictures of our apartment and with my comp.

I love you all!!

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