Tuesday, November 9, 2010

November 9, 2010


My week has been CRAZY but super duper good also!! We did hear about transfers and i am staying another one here in Loulé but...this is gunna blow your mind...I am greenie breaking a NATIVE!! He speaks no English!!!!! So I was trained...greenie broke while getting grennie broken and now am greenie breaking again with a native CRAZY!!! (You can ask Wade or Jordan about the terms "greenie breaking" and that stuff)

That is sad the only time you see your cousins is at funerals! I decided Brody and I are going to be like Dad and Ned...we are going to do lots of stuff together! We might even be more fun that dad and Ned! ;)

That is super sad about the Hill family! I know who he is because his daughter was in Allison’s class.

Unfortunately Bell and I were unable to meet our goal because we spend almost a whole day at the Hospital...no worries it was for Bell not me. He has been sort of sick and I don’t know I sort of think he is just a wuss but we went cause he is always tired and never has any energy but when we were there we waited FOREVER...I hope Obama doesn´t mess our healthcare up this much...we were there for like 4 hours and they took blood them bell like passed out and then they gave him an IV of a liter of something...some random prescriptions and send him off. We don’t know what he has or if he has anything.

Oh so other good news...we have a person marked for baptism...it kinda snuck up on us. We got some faca (faca is directly translated to knife, but here it’s also used as giving people crap) about not having baptisms and they stressed the importance of inviting people to be baptized in the first and second lessons...so Bell and I did just that and we picked a day and everything so November 21st we should have a baptism!! i will keep you updated one it!! His name is Miacon and he is like 23 from Brazil and he is super open to our teachings and he is an elect one I think...he basically taught us the second and third lesson cause he did all the reading we gave him!! He is super cool!

I love you all!!

Elder Bushnell

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