Wednesday, November 3, 2010

November 3, 2010

I was walking the other day and I realized I have officially lost my mind. I have hit the 4 month mark which is kind of a long time! But I was thinking about life and what I am going to do with it and I realized that there are 2 types of people in this world...the ones who work because they have to work to support a family and just have to work. Or there are the people that work because the work they do is something they truly enjoy and they love doing it. I realized I don´t ever want to work at a job just because I absolutely need to. I will be able to support a family and do everything I need to but I can do it with a job I love. But this isn’t important right now the following is my realization:

Well I related it to missionary work...some elders are here cause they feel like they have to be…which is true in a sense because to marry a good active member they will have to be returned missionaries, but there are some elders who are here cause they KNOW that giving up 2 up friends and family and everything. They know without a doubt that it’s not about marrying an active member or the life after a mission, it’s about the now. It’s about taking a person from the world and from the darkness of satan’s grasp and moving them into the light to where they know that without a doubt that they are children of God and that they have an amazing potential.

I think when I left on my mission I was in the middle. I knew I had to come on a mission in order to even be thought about as a potential spouse, but I also knew I was going to do a great work. I didn’t have a grasp of how great this work really is. I realize now that the message that I am sharing with people is THE MOST important thing we can have in this life. The importance of my message about our Savior, Jesus Christ, and his life is incredible. His Atonement, which is incomprehensible to me, wasn´t just felt as one single burden. He felt how everything feels to you, me, and to each and every person! It’s amazing the power that comes into people’s lives when they fully realize the power and importance of The Atonement. There is nothing in this life more important than helping people move out of the darkness of satan’s grasp and into the cleansing light of Christ´s Atonement!

Do you remember when I had all the questions about "the light" that some people have in their eyes? I finally figured out what that light truly is! I remember we talked about it a lot and swapped good scriptures about it but I now fully comprehend what it is and how to get it. (Sorry if this doesn’t make makes more sense in Portuguese) For me that light is "desire" when a person has true desire you can start to see that light in their eyes. As I have seen investigators progress at first sometimes they are mean and don’t want anything to do with the gospel they just let you in because you were stubborn or because they felt bad cause you can’t speak Portuguese very well. As they listen to your message you they start to warm up a little bit and start to talk about their life and what they have been through or what they feel they need in their life. EVERYTIME they feel they are lacking something the gospel of Jesus Christ can answer it....EVERYTIME! I have sat in a lot of lessons and listened as people basically described why we need the plan of salvation or the importance of prophets or why we have the word of wisdom. I have no doubts that this gospel can solve EVERY problem in someone’s life. I have challenged people to take me up on it and one turned out to be a super good investigator we are teaching a couple times a week because he tried it and its working. As people continue to progress the light continues to grow. As they start to use Christ´s atonement they start to get a light that can´t be dimmed by the world. It´s amazing to see the change in people as they accept the gospel. I wish I could describe it to you in better words!! I love this gospel and the power that comes through the atonement!!

Love you!

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