Monday, November 22, 2010

November 22, 2010

We did have a baptism!! I will try to send pictures next week probably!! He is a super cool Brazilian guy...unfortunately he is super shy but he is going to return to Brazil on the 8th of December but we already found the church there and its super close to his house he says! he hasn't been there in like 3 years so he isn't sure! He is 25 and almost every time we talk to him he talks about how he wants to serve a mission super bad!! It is amazing!!

I am having the time of my life and I will cherish these moments forever I already can tell!! I gotta tell you about the miracles of this week first!

This week we were walking down a super tiny road and we contacted this man and he was super drunk! He was falling down while we were talking with him and he was absolutely out of it he talked and talked and talked and finally we asked where he his was and if we could pass his house he said we wrote a note on a card and gave it to him. The note said we will pass by his house on Thursday at 5:30. Thursday rolled around and we went to his house....we knocked and a different man answered the door. So we just did a normal contact Elder Figueiredo said "Olá nós somos disciplos de Jesus Cristo" (Hello we are disciples of Jesus Christ) and the man cut him off and was like "Eu sei, Eu sei" (I know, I know) and he ordered us to enter his house. His house was super weird like I think its a house for immigrants here to work...lots of people in an office looking building with beds in every room and like 12 rooms and an upstairs which we didn't see. But we went in and sat down in his room on his bed and he told us about he is a member of our church and has been praying this week for a way to come back into the church. At first we didn't believe him...we asked like 3 times if he really knew it was the same church...finally he got up and walked to the nightstand and pulled out a Book of Mormon, a Bible, Gospel Principles, basically all of our books! he said he reads and prays every night but he doesn't know how to come back cause he is too afraid to just show up. I know it wasn't just coincidence that we talked to that drunk man that night....I know it wasn't just coincidence that Roberto answered the door when we knocked, one of the other men that live their could have answered. It truly was a miracle and was God directing his children to help one another. Oh almost forgot...Roberto came to district conference on Sunday and all the members welcomed him with open arms and he said he will come to family night on Wednesday and try to bring his family to church on Sunday but he doesn't know cause they live somewhere else...confusing but he wants to do everything he can to come back now!!

As for Maicon the one that was marked to be baptized...he was baptized!! It was super great! He passed the interview with flying colors and he was baptized by Elder Figueiredo! It was super great...well it took 2 times cause Figueiredo is a small man and Maicon is normal and his arm stuck up. But He brought his friend who now says that he will try to come to church this Sunday as well! It was amazing! We also have another one marked for baptism...I think I told you about him already...Marco...the one that is a gay male prostitute...yeah he said he feels like he can completely stop everything forever and be baptized but we are going to meet with him a lot this week. I have faith that he can do will be hard cause satan truly is a weasel but he can do it without a doubt!! This week truly was a week of miracles!

We also had Interviews with President Torgan and that was sorta scary but i love that man so much! He is such a powerful speaker but at the same time he has such an amazing love for us (his elders/children) he always says we are his kids now! he is amazing I wish you could meet him..he has such an amazing way of talking that is hard to describe!

We are supposed to exercise and basically I just stretch cause 7:00 is way to early for me! We don´t walk as much this transfer but we eat a TON! I think I am gaining weight...last I measured like a week ago I was like 160ish! FAT!!

Glad to hear you guys are still working and not just goofing off now that i am gone!! It rains almost everyday but its like mist from every direction not full on rain yet!

Are you guys doing more duck hunts? How about swan? Keep me updated and don´t forget to put me in for points and as much as possible! Also what do we know about that bear hunt in Alaska for after Brody and I get back? :)

Love you!!
Elder Bushnell

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