Tuesday, November 2, 2010

November 2, 2010

Dad’s Letter-,

This week we unfortunately didn’t have any more investigators in church which was lame! We have some good people to teach and are teaching some good lessons it’s just hard to get people to actually act on what we are teaching! We are trying super hard and sort of running ourselves into the ground but it’s going well so far! I have learned a ton this transfer and my Portuguese is way better than when I started this transfer!

I did get the package it was great!! I already told mom about our little halloween party. The peanut butter is fantastic and we have been eating it a ton!! I will share a cool story that we had this past week. We have been trying to talk to this guy that works a ton and this week we were able to meet with him. Well we ring his doorbell and no one answers so we are super sad and sit on the front step and are thinking about what else we can do and my comp (Elder Bell) says lets try it one more time...so he buzzes them again...and the door opens! So we go up the stairs in the building and knock his door he is there and lets us in and is SUPER nice!! His name in Raoele and he is one of the nicest people I have ever met. He brings out tea mix stuff and is asking us if we can drink it and he like searches till he finds one weird drink thing without chá preto so we can drink it and he makes it for us and brings us cookies and everything and during our lesson he is riveted to us. It was super cool and then when I started bearing my testimony at the end I said something like "I know there are a lot of churches and they all say they have the truth" and as soon as I said that he open up and started asking good questions so we taught him about prayer and how he can find out for himself and we left the Book of Mormon with him and he was just super open and kept saying that all the churches say they are true but that none have given him his own way to find out for himself. It was a cool lesson!

One more cool thing...we were walking down the main road in Quarteira and I stopped and looked at the big doorbell box things...and I said to my comp "what will you give me if I can get us in this building on my first try?" he said I couldn’t do it. This building has like 6 floors and 4 on each floor so 24 doors and I decide to push a random one and I was about ready to give up and continue walking when the door popped open! We went in and talked to the lady who was super nice and said we could come back but we knocked the rest of the building and no one wanted to talk to us...so I hit the 1 out of 24 that was interested! It was super funny to see my comps face of shock and disbelieve!

Love you!!!

Elder Bushnell

Mom’s Letter:

I am glad you liked the photos! I am sending the memory card with a ton more home today so you will probably get it in about a week! I thought you would like the pedicure one!

As for teaching lessons, we are going to shoot for over 20 this week which will be tricky! Our original goal is 4 lessons a day which is 28 this week which is A LOT for Portugal and Europe! So far we have been struggling though because President Torgan is very upset at the Algarve Branch for not stepping it up more this transfer and baptizing very much. He says a cool thing...he says there are no excuses because when we make excuses we are denying the power of the atonement in our lives. This is true Christ paid for ALL of our faults and mistakes; no matter how little they are...when we make excuses we are not giving the atonement an opportunity to work in our lives. It´s weird being out here I have started to realize more that all of us sin no matter what...it’s how you react to your mistake and what you do to become better that matters. So when someone we know makes a mistake we shouldn’t judge them because we all have our own faults but we need to help them react and make the choices better after.

I am super excited for Kelsey and for Victor they are both going to love it!! Also I am sad I missed you dropping the watermelon!! Did you still eat it? I think that is just a faster way to cut it...forget using knives and taking all that time!

I will send Wade an email but tell him happy birthday for me anyways! Haha yeah i got Hudson’s letter and it made me laugh! I knew you would be glad after reading it that i am here in Portugal but you also don’t know everything about Portugal and its probably better I don’t tell you everything! It is pretty clean i will give you that and I will admit when grow up I want one of those cool toilet things that shoot water to clean off your bum....i don’t know how to spell it, it sounds like bday!! (mom’s edit…bidet)

I loved that last package! It made our lame Halloween a little bit more exciting! Halloween here is super boring...i saw one girl that was like 6 years old dressed up...and that was it!! It was pathetic! We didn’t have any trick or treaters or anything cool! I was very disappointed! But we made it fun...we ate and told scary stories around candles. Also we dressed up as best we could....sacks on our heads and stupid things and just chilled. It was lame. Then yesterday was a holiday here....all saints day...and so basically EVERYTHING closes...which is why we couldn’t email. But we went to Vilamoura and hung out at the marina and stuff then walked from Villamoura to Quartiera down the beach which was super cool cause the sun was like almost setting and there were cool lighthouses and NO ONE on the beach and it was awesome!

It’s a good plan to not send things until I let you know if I am staying which may be as long as two weeks from now...I will email you next week but we may not have our calls yet to know if we are going. I feel like I am probably leaving, which is scary but exciting at the same time!

Our work here is moving along pretty well we are continuing to teach a few good people but none of them are really super close to baptism. I really want to see Fernando baptized though...he is one man that can feel the spirit super easy, he is just hard to talk to cause we works a ton!

Thanks for the love and support!! I love you guys!!

Elder Bushnell

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